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FAQ about shipping orders at BartsParts

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Which countries can BartsParts ship to?

We actually ship to almost every country. At checkout you can choose from the list of available countries. If your country is not in the list, we unfortunately do not ship there, but these are only a few.

About shipping from multiple warehouses

BartsParts sells spare parts for agricultural, grass- and greencare and material handling equipment which are on stock at our connected dealers. This is why we ship from hundreds of  different warehouses across Europe.

Each warehouse may have different pricing for the same part; hence all the prices are displayed on the product page where the Best choice is presented as main product.

The amount is limited to the total stock available from each warehouse and you can order the parts from the warehouse of your own choice or a combination of some of them.

How are shipping charges calculated?

Shipping charges depend on a few variable factors:

  • Country shipping to: For every country where we have connected dealers we have defined a standard shipping rate to the country of destination, the one of your shipping address.
  • Amount of warehouses: We ship from hundreds of warehouses in several countries within Europe. Charges apply for every different warehouse we have to ship from.
  • Weight and size: Of course the weight and size of the parts are influencing shipping charges. As we do not know all sizes and weights, we estimate shipping charges under “Standard shipping”. It could be that parts with non-standard weight and dimensions need an additional shipping charge. in which case, we would let you know right away.

What do you mean by “Standard shipping”?

As we do not know all sizes and weights of the parts, we estimate shipping charges under “Standard shipping”. Those are parts that fit on a standard parcel service, for most countries that is up to 30 kg and 175 cm total dimension.

It could be that some parts are quoted with standard shipping but it results that they do not fit in the rule. If that happens, we will contact you right away to let you know the best shipping option.

What if my order does not fit the “Standard shipping” requirements?

If that happens, we will always contact you to see more suitable shipping options and if any surcharge is requested. On BartsParts we do not make any profit on transport and will always apply the shipping rates of our Logistic partners.

Which transport company does BartsParts use?

BartsParts is connected to several shipping platforms which calculate the best rates for your country. Most likely, parts are shipped by UPS or DHL.

What is the transit time of my order?

After placing an order, your parts will usually be delivered within 1-5 days. In case of shipment delay, we will reach out to you.

Do I get a tracking number?

Yes you do! As soon as we ship the goods, you will receive one or more tracking numbers, depending on how many warehouses we ship from. It can happen that you receive this number directly from the shipping platform.