How we work

We want to help you find the parts you need now
and the ones you may need in the future

1,000+ Dealers

We continuously partner with dealers and other industry players that hold spare parts inventories. We connect them to our online platform and provide visibility through BartsParts.

One virtual warehouse

Moreover, we provide an easy to use web-shop where customers can search for the specific parts they need and buy from all those warehouses on the same order.

Hassle-free orders

We take care of the payments and shipments from every warehouse.

We handle all returns and customer support that is needed to make sure you are fully satisfied with your order.

Win Win situation for all the parties involved!

This is what happens once you place an order

Step 1 

Have you found the relevant parts on our search engine? Then, you can place an order combining as many parts as you want.

Step 2 

Automatically a request for confirmation is sent to each and every warehouse providing the parts on your order. Once they confirm, we arrange the transport with one of our logistic partners.

Step 3 

Following our instructions, the dealer prepares the package. The order is collected at the given warehouses and shipped directly from there to you.

BartsParts gives you visibility to all our connected inventories allowing you to make one single purchase while selecting parts from different warehouses. We can not guarantee the accuracy of all those inventories but we do our best to inform you and provide you with a solution to your needs.

It one of the warehouses of your order can not supply the items, we will do our best to fulfill the order from another warehouse or BartsParts will proceed to the total refund of the order.

Your benefits

Specialist in hard to find parts

Highly discounted prices

Easy ordering at our web-shop

Wide range of parts

Hundreds of warehouses, one order

New and Original parts for all brands

Keep your machines running