Posted by Team BartsParts on 25th Jan 2022

Dealer of the Year 2021

Whoohoo, it’s that time again: the announcement of the Dealer of the Year 2021!

2021 was just like 2020, a year with 12 months of turbulence combined with continued fast growth in sales to our customers. To officially end 2021 and start 2022 on the right foot we want to review last year and look forward to the new one.

Together with all our dealers, we have sold more than 75.000 parts to 9.500 customers in almost all countries within Europe. We also welcomed dealers from 8 new countries: the Czech Republic, Estonia, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Latvia, Romania, Portugal, and Slovenia. What makes a total of 1.000 dealer locations from 15 countries selling through BartsParts! Together we are offering more than 1 million different spare parts from more than different 1.600 brands.

At the end of 2020, one of our ambitious goals was to increase our joint inventory by 50%, broadening our offering, generating more sales for all of you. We are proud to share that we exceeded this goal with a joint inventory value growth of 70%, where the average dealer location in BartsParts is offering over 2,000 different references!

Furthermore, we optimized our webshop to improve customer experience, and to make sure we encouraged our one million visitors to buy your spare parts. This effort paid off; we more than doubled the number of visitors in our online warehouse compared to last year.

We love to celebrate successes together, and that is why we hand out the Dealer of the Year Award 2021! This year, we looked at each dealer location and decided on three different aspects:

  1. Best overall performance
  2. Highest revenue
  3. Largest inventory increase

And the winners are… (drumroll please!):

  • Van den Heuvel B.V. In The Netherlands
  • BayWa AG - Röthlein. In Germany
  • Agronimer - Baza. In Spain

We would like to congratulate them on the award!

Each of our winners will receive a renewed “BartsBasket” so that they can celebrate with their teams!

Congrats to the winners and thanks to all of you for supporting BartsParts every single day!